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A World Class Botanic Garden for Australia's Wet Tropics

Our Mission:

We will establish a regional centre of excellence (one of many) for demonstrating and educating how rainforests can provide sustainable commercial opportunities in environmental services, education, alternative crops, and products.

We will collaborate with stakeholder organisations within North Queensland, Australia and elsewhere to deliver this regional centre of excellence.

We will work (hand in hand) with the Mossman Community to build a Garden that we will all be proud of; fosters environmental and economic sustainability; and fosters community development- one that actually builds community.

We aim to showcase environmental responsibility and innovation in land management, energy efficiencies, and positive carbon capture and sequestration.

Our Vision:

We see a world-class botanic garden and research station that provides an arboretum for Wet Tropics World Heritage plants and other important rainforest plants.

As such, the Mossman Botanic Garden will be viewed by many people as a world-class and famous regional centre (one of many) for rainforest knowledge, research, education, innovation, application and conservation.

Mossman Botanic Garden will be an important part of the regional community, providing ongoing local jobs, investment, and business opportunities. It will be a community recreational facility that inspires civic involvement, pride, and achievement.

When developed, Mossman Botanic Garden will seek lead the way in demonstrating that rainforests are a ‘treasure chest of life’ worth preserving. We see our garden as a leading light that demonstrates how humans can live in or near rainforests in an environmentally and sustainable way. It will showcase the importance of rainforest ecosystems and the relevance to indigenous and non indigenous cultures, and future societies.

Mossman Botanic Garden will be an important teaching and learning centre for domestic and international professionals, students, and tourists. There will be a research facility that contributes to and environmental services, within tropical Australia, and overseas. Mossman Botanic Garden will be a ‘must see’ destination for inbound ecotourists to understand more about world heritage rainforest, its people and heritage, and region.

They will experience a world of discovery, beauty, hospitality, and a rewarding time.

Rainforests- A treasure chest of life worth saving.