The Project

A grant by the Australian Federal Government enabled the purchase of 50 acres of prime land in the town that will become the Botanic Garden of Mossman.

After a competitive consultation process, LA3, a Cairns based Landscape Architecture firm, was awarded the Tender to deliver the Master Plan and Business Development Plan for the Board of Directors.

The LA3 team comprises of registered landscape architect and master planner Joseph Corbin, Alan Carle from the Botanical Ark and Nicky Swan from Australia Pacific Consultants combined with support from world class Peer Review experts who combine decades of experience into the design of Botanic Gardens around the world.

The LA3 master-planning and business development team has also developed a community engagement and key stakeholder engagement process and preliminary designs for a world-class wet tropics rainforest botanic garden and arboretum in Mossman, Queensland are underway.

In March, 2017, the Douglas Shire Council awarded a Business Development Grant to Mossman Botanic Garden Inc. 

This grant funds ‘Stage 3: membership, governance and business development’. The next phase of the project requires stages to develop the business to a point at which applications can be made for the funding to actually implement this remarkable project. 

The funding enables a small team of Rebecca Pearse and Sheryl Burchill to undertake the institutional, commercial and individual membership drive.  This expanded membership will facilitate the transition to a skills based Board. Board and management will then be able to prepare the necessary development applications. This will provide solid foundations for infrastructure grant applications to both government agencies and philanthropic foundations.

Garden of Origins

The theme of 'The Garden of Origins' has been developed for the Mossman Botanic Garden to highlight the fact that Australia's Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforests will be displayed and represented at the garden:

"...The greatest number of living primitive flowering plant families, anywhere in the world..."

Since most people associate gardens with flowering plants and the fact that Australia can rightfully claim title as home to the most significant diversity of these primitive flowering plants, then the Australian Wet Tropics can, by deduction, rightfully claim that it is the Garden of Origins.

The Mossman Botanic Garden has accepted this interpretation and will utilise it in its education and marketing strategies.


The Mossman Botanic Garden Inc. has achieved much in its 6+ years of existence. It has:

  • Raised a Federal Government grant
  • Purchased 50 acres of land using the grant
  • Delivered this Master Plan and Business Plan - offering a 5 year and ongoing road-map
  • Costings, capital raising and fund-raising strategies, market comparisons and visitor data; identified
  • Resourcing and logistical supply requirements
  • Executed a comprehensive Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Continued working relationship with the indigenous stakeholders - the local Kuku Yalanji People
  • Obtained support from the Douglas Shire Council & local businesses
  • Initiated strong commitment and ongoing focus and engagement discussions with relevant and key
  • Continues to help place Mossman firmly on the map for the development of an iconic, contemporary Botanic Garden in line with three of the key pillars for growth: construction, tourism and agriculture, which feature in the Federal Government's Northern Australia Development White Paper; the Queensland Government "Governing for Growth" Strategy (2014) and the FNQTSRDA Five Pillar Regional Development Roadmap
  • Adopted the Marketing name of BGM = Botanic Garden Mossman